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An all-in-one extension for every type of reseller


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A true all-in-one extension, supporting a wide range of sites and features

Manual assistance has never been this easy...

From product feeds to requests-based checkouts and auto-refreshers, Mach Browser possesses all the tools needed to quickly and autonomously checkout

  • Easy Add-To-Cart

    Create Shopify and Supreme tasks to monitor for product drops, or enable Auto ATC to automatically add a viewed product to cart

  • Autofill and Auto-Checkout

    With 3-second checkout times on Target, it's fair to say that Mach can help you cook retail site releases

With its wide variety of sites and tools, Mach Browser can assist any user with their reselling needs


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes; Mach Browser is available worldwide and supports worldwide websites.

  • Mach Browser has a $20 initial fee plus a $20 per month fee.

  • Yes; Mach runs within the Chrome web browser, so it will run on either operating system.

  • No; each key is bound to a user's computer, meaning it cannot be used on multiple computers at the same time. It can, however, be used across multiple Chrome users.


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